Free Steam Game Review: Infinity Wars

Infinity wars

We here at are committed to helping you fritter away your free time on the cheap; however, we feel that even your wasted time is more valuable than ours, so we spend our time playing and reviewing Steam’s many free games. Today’s game is Infinity Wars.

Summary: Infinity Wars is a collectible card game (CCG) set in a fantasy/sci fi world (there is both advanced technology and magic) where some eternal war or something is raging between like eight factions. Players build decks which can contain cards from up to three of the factions and duel it out. The cards are animated and the art work is solid, albeit geared towards a male audience… I’m looking at you head researcher with the ridiculous bust. Anyways, you can play against computer opponents, casually against other players, or in several different types of ranked games. Pretty standard stuff as far as CCGs go. There are a few nice touches like the fact that both players decide on their turns’ actions at the same time. This creates an extra layer of strategy as you try to anticipate your opponent’s moves. All in all the factions seem pretty well balanced and the game’s initial campaign does a good job of teaching new players the basic mechanics.

Is it fun: Yes it is. I’ve sunk just over 160 hours of my life into Infinity Wars and have enjoyed most of those hours. The core mechanics are just complicated enough to be fun and it is almost always clear why things played out the way that they did. The simultaneous turn feature mentioned above leads to some really satisfying wins or devastating misplays. They were also kind enough to make defensive decks viable through a morale feature (essentially if too many of your troops die your army routes and you lose), which means that a lot of different play styles are viable. The developers also do a good job of making sure you get lots of new cards which means you have an excuse to continually tinker with your decks. If you have enjoyed playing a CCG, you’ll probably like this game.

Drawbacks: The most glaring is that the card trading system is a pain to utilize. Really frustrating since half the fun of a CCG is card swapping. Beyond that my complaints are pretty standard. Every now and again the matchmaking system decides to throw out the rules and you end up playing with a guy who has 5,000+ wins and a deck of face melting. Those games tend to be short and frustrating, on the plus side you get a nice peak at how to build a killer deck. An additional, though probably unavoidable concern, is that some deck match ups have preordained or super boring outcomes. Oh, we are both playing morale kill decks? This should be excruciatingly dull. Similarly, some cards/abilities have no good or only one good counter. Yes, in ranked play there are sideboards which let you address this, but in casual it can lead to some annoying losses.

Is it really free: Yes it is. There is in game currency that you can buy and use to buy extra booster packs, decks, avatars, and the like; however, you can get pretty regular booster packs and cards, and earn currency just by playing. The only stuff that can’t be bought by the currency earned from playing is purely aesthetic stuff. Sure you may have to grind a bit to get enough earned currency to get the more expensive items, but not to an excessive degree. I personally never felt the need to buy in game currency.

Bottom Line: It is a fun CCG. It has enough innovation to make it stand out a bit, but nothing too crazy. Basically it is a fun little no commitment type of game. It is pretty solid regardless, but it will really shine if you can get a friend to play it with you.

TLDR: Free and Fun, 3/4 Stars.

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