Stop Hiding Your Sexy – Men’s Style – 10 Simple Rules


These are a few simple rules I’ve learned over the years, mostly the hard way. Feel free to break them, ultimately your style is yours to make and shouldn’t be dictated by some guy on the internet. That being said, this is a good place to start:

  1. The tie goes to the belt buckle for length, and should have a dimple at the top if tied correctly.
  2. Suits have perfectly matching pants and jackets. A blazer or sport coat is worn with pants of a different color entirely.
  3. A good outfit will have complementary colors, with one item of contrasting color and/or texture. This was the hardest thing for me to learn – I highly recommend taking a page from designers and playing around with Adobe Kuler.
  4. The color of your shoes always matches the belt, and should be influenced by the color of the jacket, or most prevalent color in the outfit.
  5. Never button the bottom button of a suit. Double breasted jackets are also only meant to be worn by bigger people. Skinny people belong in single-brested jackets.
  6. Never wear a belt and suspenders together & you probably shouldn’t wear a bow-tie or fedora.
  7. A master sleeve roll is the easiest way to roll up your sleeves – this is done by pulling the sleeve back to where its about equal parts cuff and sleeve, then taking the end of the sleeve and pulling it over the cuff to about your elbow. It should be uniform, pulled up and over around your whole arm. If you want to get fancy follow the golden ratio for the amount to roll up.
  8. Wear properly fitting shirts – The back of your shirt should not resemble a parachute, nor should your shirt be so tight that your buttons flare open when you sit and restrict your body. A good place to start is with the shoulder stitching – it should line up with the end of your shoulder bone.
  9. Iron and tuck in button down shirts. If you want to wear a button-down casually, only untuck it if the length doesn’t go past the bottom of your butt.
  10. Wear properly fitting pants – They should show some definition of your figure, but not cling and restrict you. Your future progeny are more important than showing off your ‘bulge’. They should also end just at your shoe – not fold over them, or stop above the shoe at sock level.
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