Free Steam Game Review: Card Hunter

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Anyone familiar with the internet knows that their are a lot of free games out there these days. The problem is that a lot of them just plain suck or are only fun if you microtransact it up. In order to save you the trouble of sifting through the dross we here at have decided to spend dozens of our precious hours playing free Steam games. Below is our review of the free game: Card Hunter.

Summary: It is a D&D’esc game. You have a party of characters. They level up. They have items. The fun twist is that each equipped item gives you various cards which are shuffled into your deck. Each round you draw cards from your deck which determine the actions you can take. Adventures tend to have 3 to 4 encounters and usually take 20 to 40 minutes. The game also has a cooperative mode so you can play with your friends and a PVP mode so you can pit your adventures against other players.

Is it fun: Yes it is. Their isn’t anything revolutionary about the game, nor are the graphics amazing; however, the art is appealing and does the job. The game starts off really easy and eases you into encounters that require a good understanding of game mechanics to win. Personally, I got a lot of satisfaction form beating some of the more vexing encounters. Also there are a lot of fun details, like the monsters’ names, and light hearted takes on traditional fantasy themes which add to the game.

Drawbacks: One big downside is that in cooperative mode you need to have two friends to play with because it doesn’t scale the adventures for a two player party. The other major issue I have is that sometimes you end up with adventures that are super hard because you haven’t been lucky enough to get the cards needed to beat it. There are only a couple like that, but it can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Also, the NPC characters voices are pretty damned annoying.

Is it really free: Yes it is. You can buy in game currency which can be used to get different avatars, unlock special dungeons, and get an extra loot drop every time you complete an adventure. Happily, none of that stuff actually is needed to enjoy the base game. I actually have played 74 hours of this game to day and finished the single player campaign without spending a dime. So yeah, no money needed.

Bottom Line: Is it deep? No. Is it revolutionary? No. Is it graphically stunning? No. Is it a hell of a lot of fun? Yes! Is it worth your time? Probably!

TLDR: Free and fun. 3.5/4 Stars.

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