Extraterritorial Escapades

Richard glanced up from the survey plat map into the fullness of her cleavage. Swallowing heavily he forced his gaze upwards into her dancing green eyes. As always he was struck by her beauty. The little township of Wilson didn’t have much going for it, just a few square miles of largely undeveloped and highly annexable land, but, it did have Samantha. Not yet thirty, she was the youngest President of the Wilson Town Council in history, and she was determined to guarantee its independence from the land starved City of Wilson.

“Samantha,” he said, relishing the sound of her name, “What are you trying to pull here? Merging three defunct farmsteads and rezoning them as light industrial… if I didn’t know better I would say you had an industrial park in the works.”

“We are hoping to get a few warehouses in, sure. I wouldn’t call it an industrial park. Why does it matter? The property is barely within the three mile boundary which grants extraterritorial powers. I can’t imagine you are looking to expand in that direction anytime in the near future, or that a couple dozen acres of warehouses and light manufacturing would adversely affect your comprehensive plan.”

“It will if the rumors I’ve heard about you courting Amazon are true. A few of their high-tech warehouses could push your equalized assessment value north of twenty million,” Richard leaned back, “Isn’t that the threshold you need to incorporate?”

She laughed, a deep throaty laugh that filled his small office and sent his heart racing, “Richard, we have less than 5,000 people and are adjacent to a first class city. I know my Chapter 66 better than you do. Given that what does the assessed value mater? It is just more tax base for you when you finally get around to annexing us.”

“Maybe, but didn’t Fredericksburg just sign off on that northern subdivision of yours? What was it, one hundred apartments? Mostly two and three bedroom units too… say, what is the average family size these days?”

She grimaced, “Don’t you have better things to do than reading other municipality’s planning commission minutes?”

Richard nodded, “Oh my yes, but I’ve taken a special interest in comings and goings of the Town of Wilson. Call it neighborly concern.”

She leaned over his desk and raised an eyebrow, “So, neighbor, what now?”

“Well,” Richard hesitated, his heart felt like it was about to explode, “If. If I recommended approval, our planning commission would certainly approve this, but I would need something from you in return.”

She leaned forward over his desk subtly thrust her chest forward and softly whispered, “And what might that be?”

Richard steeled his resolve, deciding in a moment that professional ethics be damned… he would regret it his entire life if he didn’t go for this now. “You don’t have the capacity to run sewer and water to both the northern subdivision and this new industrial park. I want your word that you’ll contract with us to run the lines out there.”

She jerked back, an expression of surprise briefly flashing across her face.  “So, it is true. Wilson Sewer and Water is running a structural deficit? It’d be cheaper for us to expand our contract with Fredericksburg.”

“It would be, just like it would be better for us to keep you under the incorporation threshold. Still we can’t all have what we want.”

“True. Alright. I’ll do it,” she said with an odd half smile. She extended her hand and he shook it, marveling at the firmness of grip as a flood of ecstasy seized him.  

“Take care Samantha. Maybe, I’ll see you around sometime,” he said, trying not to gasp for breath.

“Sure thing, “she replied over her shoulder as her sensual stride carried her from his office.

Richard pushed his chair back and swung his feet up on his desk. He couldn’t believe that it had been so easy. He’d been fearing that he’d have to recommend another bond issue to repair the City’s deteriorating water mains, but with a contract to cover the costs of expansion… well they’d be able to get by for another year or two. Hell, with luck they could maybe even free up some of the City’s debt ceiling for other projects. What a woman, he thought; that grasp of planning, that handshake. He glanced at the clock and noticed it was almost lunch time, which was a pity because he wouldn’t be able to leave his desk until his pants dried.


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